Superior Car Detail PackageVery often car detailers or car wash centres will use car cleaning products, either to reduce cost, or sometimes to enhance the immediate appearance, even though such products may not necessarily be the best products to use. Bebrite teams will only use the best Bebrite cleaning products such as NON SILICONE based tyre dressing, therefore not coating or causing damage to the break discs with silicone over spray, or when treating the interior car dash and trimmings, they will use a non invasive surface treatment. 

Superior Detail Package
from $240

  • Complete vehicle high pressure hand washed with pH natural shampoo & wax
  • Chamois and air blow dry all exterior body
  • Window clean in and out
  • All interior dashboard and door trim wiped
  • Door jams and boot frame washed and cleaned
  • Wheel and tyre clean and dressed
  • Fragrance on request
  • All exterior plastic reconditioned
  • Spot clean any dirty spot on carpet seat or leather
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Open bonnet and clean debris including leaves
  • All paint work decontaminated with clay pad to remove oxidation and dirt from paint work
  • All tree sap and tar removed
  • All dashboard and door trim cleaned and brought back to life
  • All paintwork hand polished using long lasting and deep cleaning polish
  • All paint work buffed twice
  • Variety of pads and compounds are used for various type of paint
  • Modern dual action machine used
  • Light scratches, swills, stains and oxidation removed
  • All interior carpets shampooed 
  • All leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Engine bay degreased and cleaned
  • All paint work inspected to remove any leftover polish
  • All paint work hand waxed with Bebrite show and shine to restore showroom shine
  • Time: 3 to 4.5 hrs

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Our car detailers only use exclusive to Bebrite specially formulated to application car detailing cleaning products  

Interior vinyl cleaner & enhancing dressing.

Armour is used as received to clean & enhance interior vinyl dashes and door trims. When sprayed directly onto vinyl surfaces and wiped with a clean dry cloth, Armour will remove dirt, dust, and impart a resililant conditioned gloss finish.

A genuine NON silicon tyre shine.

Designed to be used on tyres and rubber surfaces where silicon is a no, no. Ezy-Sheen imparts a high gloss finish and is recommended for professional car detailers,  panel shops and operations where silicon is not welcome.