There are many ways to approach professionally detailing a car to protect its paint surface, remove any oxidization, remove minor scratches, and to protect and enhance its gloss finish, so that it will repel rain, road dirt and traffic fallout, impress its owner when completed, and last! Bebrite teams are trained to know what exact Bebrite Car detailing “Cut & Polish” to use. And when finished to apply unique to Bebrite “Show & Shine” to give a showroom gloss finish.

Professional Hand Polish
from $90

    • Complete vehicle high pressure hand washed with pH natural shampoo & wax
    • Chamois and air blow dry all exterior body
    • Window clean in and out
    • All interior dashboard and door trim wiped
    • Door jams and boot frame washed and cleaned
    • Wheel and tyre clean and dressed
    • Fragrance on request
    • All exterior plastic reconditioned
    • Spot clean any dirty spot on carpet seat or leather
    • Top up washer fluid
    • Open bonnet and clean debris including leaves
    • All paint work decontaminated with clay pad to remove oxidation and dirt from paint work
    • All tree sap and tar removed
    • All dashboard and door trim cleaned and brought back to life
    • All paintwork hand polished using long lasting and deep cleaning polish
    • All paint work hand waxed with Bebrite show and shine to restore showroom shine 
      Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hrs

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Depending on the vehicle condition one of Bebrite’s 4 specially formulated polishes will be applied to achieve the best possible result!


Designed as a light cutting compound for all painted vehicle surfaces.

Big Blue – Mid Cut & Polish – 2500 designed to be used by hand or machine to cut back lightly damaged, surface small scratches, painted surface. When used as directed you will receive a clean high gloss finish ready to have Show & Shine applied for the ultimate finish.