Car Interior Seat (leather or fabric) Cleaning ServiceCaring for your valuable leather or fabric car seating must be one the more important considerations you have when looking for a professional car detailer to clean your car’s leather or fabric. Bebrite already services more than 100,000 customers, many of who use our specialised carpet and fabric cleaning services. Our car detailer teams are all trained to recognise and to test before cleaning any leather or fabric where uncertainty of the leather or the fabric may be in doubt as to its suitability for cleaning safely. Only then will our teams undertake the cleaning, and the leather or fabric protection following the cleaning. Bebrite only uses our very own specially formulated leather and fabric cleaning and protection products. 

Interior Seat (leather or fabric) & dry on Completion Carpet Shampoo
from $125

  • Complete vehicle high pressure hand washed with pH natural shampoo & wax
  • Chamois and air blow dry all exterior body
  • Window clean in and out
  • All interior dashboard and door trim wiped
  • Door jams and boot frame washed and cleaned
  • Wheel and tyre clean and dressed
  • Fragrance on request
  • All exterior plastic reconditioned
  • Spot clean any dirty spot on carpet seat or leather
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Open bonnet and clean debris including leaves
  • Shampooing of all upholstery – carpet , mats, seats and other upholstery
  • All bad odours from interior removed
  • All dashboard , console and door frame cleaned and brought back to life
  • Dog hair removed
  • Deodorise all interior
  • All paint work hand waxed with Bebrite show and shine to restore showroom shine
    Time : 2 to 3 hrs

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Bebrite is one of Australia’s leading Fabric, Leather, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning company’s and brings to car detailing its very own unique cleaning products and highly experienced operators.

A neutral Ph. carpet & upholstery cleaner safe on all fabrics.

Ultimate is a concentrated, professional strength pre-spray detergent for the busy car detailer or home car enthusiast who need a reliable “workhorse” to tackle a wide variety of soil types found on vehicle upholstery & carpet. It employs sophisticated nano cleaning technology to penetrate embedded oily soils and suspend them for effective rinsing. Safe and effective on all upholstery and carpet types including wool. Blue coloured: Fresh eucalyptus perfume pH: 7.5 RTU.

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner: The professional way of cleaning and conditioning leather in one operation.

Leather Cleaner Conditioner is a professionally formulated leather cleaning and conditioning solution which effectively and gently removes typical soiling with specialty cleaning agents and mild Ph. It leaves the leather thoroughly clean and nourished. Colour: Light tan cream Odour: Mild leather scent pH: 6.5 – 7.5 Leather Cleaner Conditioner designed to do both jobs in the one application: clean and condition.

Tannery approved leather protector and conditioner.

Leather Pro is a unique blend of fluoro silicones and thickening agents designed to protect valuable leather from permanent staining while at the same time replacing the lost oils and plasticiser removed from the leather through constant use, ultra-violet light and general drying conditions.