Company Overview

Bebrite has been operating as one of Australia’s most successful franchising systems for over 19 years. Very much a quiet achiever, BEBRITE has set car detailing standards and procedures which are the envy of many companies, seeking to achieve excellence in customer service, technological advancement, superior specific to car detailing application cleaning products, manufactured exclusively for Bebrite, and financial management which supports & rewards the franchise network. Bebrite has close to 200 franchise teams operating in all states and territories of Australia, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, the ACT, and the NT.  

Company Goals

The Franchisor sets goals and objectives for the company, the internal staff and for the franchise network. The Bebrite Head Office supports the network by providing the most efficient cleaning products, effective and superior cleaning systems. Bebrite’s goals are to: provide the ultimate car cleaning service, provide a successful & rewarding opportunity to our car detailing franchisee’s, provide a progressive business model, meet training obligations to encourage our car detailers with a strong team spirit, to promote safe working conditions, to deliver exemplary service at all times, to provide the finest cost effective car cleaning products to our franchisees and clients & to the end users via an “E” Commerce On-Line ordering process. 

The world is changing rapidly. There was a time when only the wealthy would ever consider PROFESSIONAL house or office cleaning,  or having the family car or business vehicle professionally washed and detailed, or the boat detailed to protect its value. But as people become more and more pressured, their time more focused on quality leisure, the time available for keeping the home and office cleaned, or the car or boat cleaned and polished to protect the asset, has become becomes less. The need for help continues to grow. The BEBRITE cleaning system encourages the appointment of a dedicated Bebrite team to each Bebrite customer. This personal contact between the customer and the team, who are highly trained, fully insured, and supported by a large and well regarded business organization, takes full advantage of this changing pattern and trend, safely and with confidence that the cleaner doing the work is not only professional but can be trusted and relied upon to do the work expected without supervision or surveillance.

Bebrite manufactures under an exclusive to Bebrite supply agreement a range of cleaning products, offered directly to its franchisees and on-line through an ‘E’ commerce gate way to both Bebrite franchisees, specialty sub contractors and the public on a national/international basis. Supporting these cleaning products Bebrite offers a selected range of cleaning accessories. 

Bebrite Insurance 

Bebrite offers all its nationally operating franchisees comprehensive insurance for $10ml Product, and $10ml Public Liability. This extensive cover extends to all the operating divisions of Bebrite, in all states and territories of Australia, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, the ACT, and the NT.